Classical Composers Scavenger Hunt

1. Who did Beethoven take lessons from in Vienna in 1792?
2. At what age did he give his first public performance?
3. Which of the five senses did Beethoven lose?
4. What is the Heiligenstadt Testament about, who wrote it, and why?
1. When and where was Haydn born?
2. Where, when, and for whom was Haydn employed as a concert master and served as a conductor and composer as well?
What was Haydn's nickname at the Esterhaza Palace?

4. What other classical composer was Haydn close friends with?
1. What was the name of Schubert's first opera?
2. What is Schubert's Symphony in c minor known as?
3. What did Schubert die of on November 19, 1828? How old was he?
4. Schubert is known as the father of what?
1. When and where was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born?
2. What other members of Mozart's family were musicians?
3. At what age did Mozart begin his compositional career?
4. Where did Mozart spend much of his career?
5. Name five composers from the Classical time period. (Do a little of your own research to "dig up" another composer.)