Classical Composers Answer Sheet

1. Who did Beethoven take lessons from in Vienna in 1792?
   Haydn, Albrechtsberger, Schench, and Salieri      
2. At what age did he give his first public performance?
3. Which of the five senses did Beethoven lose?
4. What is the Heiligenstadt Testament about, who wrote it, and why?
  The Heiligenstadt Testament was written by Beethoven when it became obvious that his hearing was not going to improve.  He became mentally and physically depressed and wrote the testament because he feared he would not make it through the winter. He addressed the testament to be opened after his death by his brothers Carl and Johann Beethoven.  The testament focuses more on Beethoven's mind state than it does on the music he was composing during at that point in time.
1. When and where was Haydn born?
   He was born on April 1st, 1732 in Rohraou Austria. It is believed that his brother claimed that he was born on March 31st, however, to avoid his being called an "April fool."

2. Where, when, and for whom was Haydn employed as a concert master and served as a conductor and composer as well?
   Esterhaza Palace for Paul Anton and Prince Nicholas. His pieces from 1761 until his death were considered their property because he worked for them although he traveled during that period.
What title did Haydn earn for al of his work in music composition?

"Father of the Symphony." Haydn also earned the nickname of "Papa" while working at the Esterhazy palace thanks to his concern and care for his musicians.

4. What other classical composer was Haydn close friends with?
1. What was the name of Schubert's first opera?
   Des Teufels Lustschloss      
2. What is Schubert's Symphony in c minor known as?
   Tragic Symophony      
3. What did Schubert die of on November 19, 1828?
   Typhoid fever      
4. Schubert is known as the father of what?
   German lieder (art songs)      
1. When and where was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born?
   January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria.
2. What other members of Mozart's family were musicians?
   His father, Leopold, and his sister "Nannerl."
3. At what age did Mozart begin his compositional career?
   His first composition was created in Nannerl's piano notebook when he was five.
4. How old was Mozart when he created his first opera?
   His first opera was composed at the age of nine although it was relatively short in comparison to other such works of the time.      
5. Where did Mozart spend much of his career?
   In Vienna
6. Did Mozart create most of his large works early in his career or later? (Compare the timeline of works found on the biographical website.)
   Later, concertos and operas were more consistently composed later in his life.
7. Name five composers from the Classical time period. (Do a little of your own research to "dig up" another composer.)

Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Salieri, etc.